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car photo As a locally owned new & used car dealership we have a constant need for pre-owned inventory. We prefer to buy used vehicles we know were previously driven by local people. BIG CDJR has a dedicated team of MAX Allowance® buyers who are trained to pay you more for your vehicle because:
  1. Your Vehicle was likely better maintained and cared for than vehicles we can buy from auctions or car rental fleets
  2. Time is money, and it's expensive to travel and compete for cars, trucks, SUVs and vans at regional auctions (especially when we consider the auction fees, transport costs and increased repair and maintenance work required with an auction purchase).
  3. We're neighbors, and we value your business whether you're buying, selling or leasing a vehicle.

Why Should You Trade In Your Car?

Firstly, you can save yourself a significant amount of time and trouble when you trade in your car at our dealership. It can take weeks or months to sell your used car on the secondary market, and you may not want to leave your car sitting in your driveway or front yard for that whole time (with a “For Sale” sign on the dashboard, of course). You also have to worry about keeping your car clean the whole time it’s for sale, and that can be a hassle as well.

There’s also the issue of listing your car on Craigslist and dealing with both strangers and their money, not to mention getting the title transferred.

All things considered, trading in your car at our dealership is simple, safe, and fast. The money you receive in the trade-in can provide an instant down payment, which can be enough of an incentive on its own. It’s as easy as driving up to our dealership in one car, signing a paper, and driving away in a new car.

How To Find Your Car’s Trade in Value

Are you ready to value your trade? Whether your vehicle is ten years old or three, our simple online tool can help you find out what your used car is worth.

Start off by visiting our “Max Allowance" tool. All you have to do is enter some vehicle information like your car’s make, model, and engine size. You’ll also need your mileage, and in unique situations, your VIN. Our tool will give you a considerate cash offer for your car truck or SUV. After you receive an offer online, just visit the dealership so we can verify the state of your car! It’s quick, easy, and painless---get started today.

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